Thursday, September 06, 2007

MALAYSIA: MTF questions MTA’s re-registration


THE Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) technically remains a de-registered body as Sports Commissioner (SC) Tan Sri Elyas Omar has not withdrawn the de-registration, the Malaysian Taekwondo Federation (MTF) alleged yesterday.

In a statement released to Bernama, MTF president Datuk Mohamed Nazim Razak (pic) questioned MTA’s reinstatement as it was legally untenable.

"On the issue of the de-registration of MTA, we are made to understand that following their appeal to the Sports Minister (Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said), the SC is agreeable to withdraw the de-registration subject to certain conditions, which includes amendments to its constitution.

"The SC has yet to withdraw the de-registration and technically MTA is still currently a de-registered body. There are also pending proceedings in court and to our knowledge, there has been no judicial pronouncement reversing the earlier decision of the SC in de-registering MTA."

The statement also pointed out that MTF and the Malaysia Taekwondo Clubs Association are registered under the Sports Development Act.

"In the event the de-registration of MTA has been revoked, we see two possible scenarios. Firstly, MTA is the governing body for international events and MTF is the governing body for State and National events and the second scenario is to merge the two entities combining the two constitutions under the auspices of the Sports Commissioner.

"This was proposed during a roundtable discussion chaired by the Minister." — Bernama



Adib said...

hey, i really like this blog. It has lots of news about TKD.

I do both ITF and WTF actually. I made a website for my ITF club and I was thinking about linking my blog with yours if you don't mind.

I'll check out this site some other time when there are new updates. tc ;)

Adib said...

oh, here is the blog,

hafix said...

bila isu dalaman taekwondo nak selesai? saya nak jadi jurulatih taekwondo tapi bimbang isu ni akan menjadi pertikaian ibu bapa. mohon komen.

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azuha rahimi said...

sedih bila tengok keadaan taekwondo kt malaysia. byl persatuan,,mta,mtf,mtc ntah pape lg....ape kte tubuhkan stu persatuan je....yg berebut kuasa tu,tlg la dgr rintihan hati kami..

taekwondo is my life..........

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