Thursday, February 17, 2005

MALAYSIA: Clubs win bout against MTA

By S. Selvam
Feb 17:

SHORT of giving the Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) an ultimatum, Sports Commissioner Tan Sri Elyas Omar presented five models, all of which provides clubs with voting rights as the new way forward in Malaysian sports.

Elyas made his presentation to MTA in a dialogue with the national body, State taekwondo associations, and clubs at the National Sports Council in Bukit Jalil yesterday.

However, what Elyas has done is give MTA a month to think about the proposals and give their feedback to him before making any further decision on the issue.

"I have given them one month to think about the proposal and choose which model they want to follow," said Elyas.

"The State associations and the associate members can write in to give their views on the matter. This will enable me to gauge the general feeling of the taekwondo fraternity on accepting clubs as full affiliates.

"I don't want to force MTA to accept the proposals. At this point in time, let them think about it and decide what is best for them. We will cross the bridge, should they decide not to follow, when the time comes."

Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said, based on the advice of the Sports Advisory Panel, instructed MTA to amend their constitution to allow clubs to be affiliated directly, and more importantly, give the clubs voting rights as well.

On Feb 1, MTA were supposed to amend their constitution but failed to reach an agreement and deferred their decision on the matter.

"Since this issue is yet to be resolved, I would also like to advise MTA to postpone their BGM (biennial general meeting) in March," added Elyas.

"But again, I leave it to MTA to decide whether they want to follow my advice."

Among Elyas' proposals are to allow clubs to form their own association and be directly affiliated to the national body.

Another proposal is to categorise clubs into three categories (A, B and C), according to certain criteria that will be established, with only Category A clubs allowed to be affiliated directly to the national body.

All proposals, however, grant clubs or their representatives voting rights.

"But the clubs can only enjoy these privileges if they (clubs) are registered with us (Sports Commissioner's office)," said Elyas.

Most of MTA's clubs, who are termed as associate members, are registered with the Registrar of Business.

"Our proposal is to ensure there is a provision for clubs to be affiliated directly to the national body in the future, said Elyas.

"If the clubs are happy with their present status and position, they can choose to remain as they are. But if they want to be heard, there is always provision for it."

For at the end of the day, that is what the clubs are seeking - equal representation.

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MALAYSIA: Armed Forces and Viva dominate

By K.M. Boopathy
Feb 15:

ARMED Forces and Viva Taekwondo Centre emerged the overall champions of the inaugural Martial Arts National Rakan Muda 2005 championships in the senior and junior events respectively at Universiti Malaya on Sunday.
Forces swept six of the seven gold in the men's senior category.

Former national junior taekwondo exponent Daing Danielfitri of Kuala Lumpur Taekwondo Centre (KLTC) prevented a clean sweep by Forces as he won the flyweight gold, beating Navy's Mohamed Rosman. His effort also won him the "Best Male Performer" award.

Forces' gold were won by Roslan Khaqum (finweight), Samsuri Yusuf (bantam), Azamri Rosli (feather), Ahmad Nizam Sabri (light), Fadli Othman (welter) and Zainol Abas (middle).

In the junior events, Viva dominated by winning four gold, three silver and two bronze medals.

Three-time national under-14 champion Zulaikha Athirah Zulkifli (left) of Viva maintained her superiority in the girls' finweight and was named the "Best Female Performer".

It was double cheer for the Zulkifli family as Zulaikha's elder sister Zatil Akmal won the women's senior featherweight gold.

Viva won three more gold in the boys' events. B. Satyiswaran won the finweight gold while Mohamed Herry Rusman took the flyweight gold.

Mohamed Thaqeef Noor Hisham confirmed Viva the overall title when he won the featherweight gold.

Nik Izzat Hanafi Hanafi of Warisan and Iskandar Zulhilmi of Oriental won the lightweight and heavyweight gold respectively.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

MALAYSIA: Elyas: One more chance or I will 'Act'

By K.M. Boopathy
Feb 8:

SPORTS Commissioner Tan Sri Elyas Omar will, if need be, invoke the Sports Development Act and amend the Malaysian Taekwondo Association's (MTA) constitution but he is giving them one more chance to come good. Elyas has called for a forum with MTA, their State affiliates and clubs on Feb 16 and he will let all have their say.

More importantly, Elyas is going to say his piece as well.

"The Sports Commissioner has the authority to impose the Sports Development Act and amend the constitution. But I want the association (MTA) to do it," said Elyas yesterday.

MTA were instructed by Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said to amend their constitution to give clubs voting rights and an extraordinary general council (EGC) meeting was held last Tuesday to do that.

However, instead of tabling the amendments, MTA gave their affiliates 30 days to discuss the amendments and return with their feedback.

This was in direct violation of Azalina's instruction and MTA can, if Elyas chooses to do so, be suspended for hindering the progress of the sport.

"As I said, the Sports Commissioner is empowered to take action but let us wait for the forum.

"The MTA, State associations and all clubs (under MTA-WTF) are invited for the dialogue. This is where the clubs are free to express their views.

"I will also make my own recommendations and views on this matter. We will see what happens from there."

The dialogue will be held at the National Sports Council in Bukit Jalil.

The issue blew up when MTA president Ho Kam Phaw said in December that the clubs were the reason for taekwondo's slide in recent years.

He didn't, however, acknowledge the fact that clubs have dominated the various national level championships in recent times and the number of club-bred athletes who have won medals on the international scene.

In fact, MTA even amended their constitution last December where the clubs, who have direct affiliation with the national body but not voting rights, would be sent back to the districts.

This attracted the attention of the Sports Advisory Panel, who summoned MTA officials for a hearing where they were told the constitution would have to be amended allowing clubs not only direct affiliation but also voting rights.

MTA have been arguing the clubs are actually business entities as they are registered with the Registrar of Businesses (ROB) but this again is something the national association must change by amending their constitution and allowing the clubs to register with the Sports Commissioner's office.

As Elyas said, everything is in MTA's hands.

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