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MALAYSIA: Register or face consequences

By S. Selvam
Mar 23:

THE Sports Commissioner does not have the authority to force clubs to register as sports bodies, and only has the power to register, suspend or de-register sports bodies.

And while it is the club's prerogative not to register with the Sports Commissioner's office, Sports Commissioner Tan Sri Elyas Omar emphasised he will not hesitate to act against the taekwondo clubs that masquerade as sports clubs.

There are 45 clubs, termed as Associate Members, who are affiliated with the Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA). However, to date, only 12 have applied to be registered with the Sports Commissioner's office. The rest are registered with the Registrar of Business (ROB).

"I don't have the authority to force people to register as sports bodies. However, I have the power to register, suspend or de-register sports bodies.

"If they (taekwondo clubs registered with ROB) don't register with us but behave like sports clubs, then it is against the law (Sports Development Act, 1997). It is the law that requires them to register with us.

"If they don't, then, I'm empowered to prosecute people who go against the law."

Elyas also reiterated that it was mandatory for the ROB-registered clubs to register with his office if they want to be granted voting rights in the MTA and compete or engage in sporting activities.

"I'm happy to note that the applications from these clubs are coming in everyday. To date, we have 12 applications," added Elyas.

"If they don't register with us, they cannot compete or be involved in any sporting activities.

"They can be involved in martial arts but cannot be in the sports aspect of it. Which means, if they want to produce a (the late) Bruce Lee (kung fu star in the 1970s), they can do so.

"But if they want the Bruce Lees to compete, they must register with us.

"It is the same for voting rights. Unless they register with us, they cannot be considered for voting rights."

The MTA have given Elyas the assurance that they will amend their constitution after the biennial general meeting (BGM) at the end of the month to grant clubs voting rights.

"I urge them (clubs), advice and encourage them to register with us. I have said my piece, and it is now up to the clubs to decide what they want to do."

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MALAYSIA: Clubs will lose out if they don't register with Commissioner

S. Selvam
Mar 22:

SPORTS Commissioner Tan Sri Elyas Omar has refused to force taekwondo clubs from registering with his office. But clubs are going to be the biggest losers if they don't.
Despite several quarters advising the clubs to the contrary, and to the extent of advising against registering, the Sports Development Act (1997) has no place for clubs that aren't registered with the Sports Commissioner's office.

"I will not force any club to register with us. But if they don't, as provided by the Sports Act, they will not be recognised as sports bodies," said Elyas last week.

While some, including officials from the Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) perceive Elyas' statement as a sign of weakness, the latter is leaving the Sports Act to speak for itself.

Which effectively means any body that is not registered with the Sports Commissioner's office cannot organise, conduct, allow or participate in any sporting activities within or out of Malaysia.

As of March 15, 2005, there are seven clubs who have applied to be registered with the Sports Commissioner's office.

They are Pusat Seni Mempertahankan Diri Taekwondo Action, Kelab Taekwondo Martial Arts Tanah Merah, Kelantan, Kelab Sara Taekwondo Kelantan, Kelab Taekwondo Warisan, Kelab Gemilang Taekwondo Terengganu, Bangsar Taekwondo Fitness Club and Viva Taekwondo Club.

Which also means that, provided the applications of these seven clubs are approved, they and the State associations, will be the only ones able to compete in the National Championships on May 7-8.

Article 25(1) of the Sports Act further states that a sports body (which is not registered) cannot continue to receive financial assistance from the Government, National Sports Council (NSC) or any other Government agencies.

But perhaps the most serious clauses are in Section 25(1c), 25(1d) and 25(1e).

Section 25(1c) states that such sports body shall not be a member of any body or organisation acting as or purporting to act as the governing body of any sport in Malaysia or represent or purport to represent the participants of any sport in Malaysia.

Which means the unregistered clubs cannot be a member of MTA, in the sporting sense that is.

Section 25(1d) and 25(1e) states such sports body shall not use the phrase "of Malaysia" for any of its activities and such sports body shall not organise, participate in or send participants to any sports competition or event manifesting that such undertaking by it is for, in the name of or on behalf of, Malaysia or any part of Malaysia, within or outside Malaysia.

Which brings into question whether the exponents from the unregistered clubs can even go on to compete on behalf of the State association.

And while Elyas refused to force any of the clubs to register with his office, it is the unspoken repercussions that MTA and their affiliates, be they full members or associate members, must bear in mind.

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