Monday, October 31, 2005

MALAYSIA: OCM and WTF constitutions not helping 'peace efforts'

S. Selvam
Oct 31

THE constitutions of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) and the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) are on a collision course, and this could lead to a delay in getting the newly endorsed national body affiliated to the OCM and WTF.

This is because the OCM's constitution states that for a sports body to be recognised as the governing body for a particular sport, that body must first be recognised by the international federation concerned, and in this case, it is the WTF.

The WTF's rules and regulations, however, state that for a governing body to be accepted as a member of the WTF, it has to be first accepted by the national Olympic committee concerned, and in this case, it is the OCM.

And it is a predicament that was acknowledged by OCM deputy president Datuk Dr M. Jegathesan and vice-president W.Y. Chin.

"Our (OCM) constitution states that a sports body must first be affiliated to the international body before we recognise it as a governing body for a particular sport," said Jegathesan when asked to comment about the Sports Commissioner's approval of the Malaysian Taekwondo Federation (MTF) as a national body for taekwondo in the country.

"However, we are also aware that the WTF constitution states that the national body must first be accepted as a member of the NOC (National Olympic Committee, which is OCM).

"As such, we need to discuss this further (to recognise the MTF as the national body for taekwondo in Malaysia)."

The MTF is seeking to replace the de-registered Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) as the new governing body for the sport in the country.

Sports Commissioner Tan Sri Elyas Omar approved MTF's application on Oct 14 after holding a public hearing that gave all interested parties, from State associations, clubs to parents, an opportunity to present their views.

The MTF is seeking to be the governing body for taekwondo in the country using the WTF-system.

Only the WTF-system taekwondo is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Chin also gave a similar clarification and said it was now up to the parties concerned to find an amicable solution.

"Hopefully, a solution can be found to bring to an end this long-drawn dispute," said Chin.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

MALAYSIA: New body for taekwondo

By S. Selvam
Oct 29

A NEW governing body for taekwondo, the Malaysian Taekwondo Federation (MTF), has been approved by Sports Commissioner Tan Sri Elyas Omar.

And since the MTF is seeking to replace the de-registered Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) as the governing body for taekwondo practising the WTF-system (World Taekwondo Federation) in Malaysia, the MTF has to seek the necessary approvals from the relevant parties.

The MTA, recognised by the WTF as the governing body for taekwondo in Malaysia, was de-registered on May 6.

The MTA, however, filed a civil case with the High Court regarding the revocation of its registration, which is now subject to an appeal at the Court of Appeal.

But as far as Elyas is concerned, the MTF has met all the necessary conditions and requirements as required under the 1997 Sports Development Act (Act 576), hence the approval.

"In accordance to Section 17 of the 1997 Sports Development Act, the Sports Commissioner has the authority to accept or reject the application for registration, and in making a decision on this matter," said Elyas in a 32-page statement yesterday.

"There were those who supported the registration of the MTF, and also those who objected to the registration.

"Overall, I have three choices with respect to the issue of the MTF application - postpone my decision, reject the application or accept the registration.

"However, I believe it is not reasonable to delay consideration of the application because under the Sports Act, the MTA no longer exists.

"This is because when MTA's registration was revoked, the association did not exercise its rights as provided by the Act to appeal to the Minister (Sports Minister) to review the decision made by the Sports Commissioner.

"Having failed to do so, the MTA has allowed the Sports Act to be applicable in full in so far as its existence is concerned, whether as a governing body or otherwise.

"In the meantime, the MTF application has met all the conditions and requirements as laid down by the Sports Act (under Act 576), and as such, the application to register the MTF as the governing body for taekwondo at the national level has been approved."

The application was approved on Oct 14.

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MALAYSIA: National team to make up for flop in Vietnam

Friday October 28, 2005

KUALA LUMPUR: The national taekwondo team have the task to make up for the disappointment of a one-gold haul at the last SEA Games in Vietnam in 2003.

Lim Yit Win secured the country's only gold medal in taekwondo and the face-saving victory came on the last day of the competition.

For the upcoming Manila SEA Games, it will definitely not be easy for the Malaysian exponents because those from the rival countries have improved by leaps and bounds.

The battle for the majority of the 16 gold medals at stake is expected to be a three-cornered fight among the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Taekwondo is one of the most popular combat sports in the Philippines and their exponents have featured in the last two Olympics.

The Filipinos have been training in Europe since the beginning of the year and they are expected to stake a strong claim for gold medals in the men's competition together with the Vietnamese.

Malaysia can expect to aim for top honours in the women's competitions together with Indonesia.

Coach R. Dhanaraj has only identified two exponents – Elaine Teo and Che Chew Chan – as the good bets for gold medals.

Both are former SEA Games champions and are the only two taekwondo exponents under the 2006 elite squad programme.

Both Elaine and Chew Chan will compete in different weight divisions for tactical reasons.

Elaine has moved back to bantamweight to avoid clashing with Athens Olympics bronze medallist Yaowapa Boorapolchai of Thailand, who is the favourite to win the flyweight competition.

“It is very hard for Elaine if she remains in flyweight. She will have to fight it out with the Thai or the Indonesian girl (Juwana Wangsa Puteri, who won the world qualifiers for the Olympics in Paris in 2003),” said Dhanaraj.

“Chew Chan also has a better chance if she competes in the middleweight category.”

However, the other Malaysian exponents can spring a few surprises if the draws are favourable to them.

Among those with the potential to rise to the occasion are male exponents Rusfredy Tokan Petrus and Mohd Afifuddin Omar, bronze medallists in the Korean Open and Islamic Solidarity Games this year.

Noornadia Norrizan, who is making her SEA Games debut with twin sister Noordiana, won gold in the South-East Asian championships last year and she could be counted on to deliver as weel.

Malaysia, in fact, have lost the chance to fight for medals in five categories.

The majority of the exponents have also been training under a cloud of uncertainty after the national body were de-registered recently.

It was only two months ago that the remaining exponents received assurances from the National Sports Council (NSC) on their funding and participation.

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