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MALAYSIA: MTF questions MTA’s re-registration


THE Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) technically remains a de-registered body as Sports Commissioner (SC) Tan Sri Elyas Omar has not withdrawn the de-registration, the Malaysian Taekwondo Federation (MTF) alleged yesterday.

In a statement released to Bernama, MTF president Datuk Mohamed Nazim Razak (pic) questioned MTA’s reinstatement as it was legally untenable.

"On the issue of the de-registration of MTA, we are made to understand that following their appeal to the Sports Minister (Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said), the SC is agreeable to withdraw the de-registration subject to certain conditions, which includes amendments to its constitution.

"The SC has yet to withdraw the de-registration and technically MTA is still currently a de-registered body. There are also pending proceedings in court and to our knowledge, there has been no judicial pronouncement reversing the earlier decision of the SC in de-registering MTA."

The statement also pointed out that MTF and the Malaysia Taekwondo Clubs Association are registered under the Sports Development Act.

"In the event the de-registration of MTA has been revoked, we see two possible scenarios. Firstly, MTA is the governing body for international events and MTF is the governing body for State and National events and the second scenario is to merge the two entities combining the two constitutions under the auspices of the Sports Commissioner.

"This was proposed during a roundtable discussion chaired by the Minister." — Bernama


MALAYSIA: Azalina: MTF, MTCA recognised

By : K.M. Boopathy

SPORTS Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said has urged the Malaysia Taekwondo Association (MTA) to adopt an open selection system instead of setting conditions that stop exponents from other associations representing the nation.

Azalina said there should be a mechanism that allows the best to represent Malaysia, and not just those affiliated to MTA, just because they are recognised by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).

An open selection process, said Azalina, is the best way as it will give exponents from other registered taekwondo associations — Malaysia Taekwondo Federation (MTF), Malaysia Taekwondo Clubs Association (MTCA) and Malaysian International Taekwondo Federation — the opportunity to prove themselves and represent Malaysia.

MTA president Ho Kham Phaw said on Thursday that the national body is willing to have open trials for tournaments, but exponents selected would have to be affiliated with them to be considered for international duties.

He had said that MTF and MTCA are not recognised bodies, but Azalina said the topic doesn’t arise as they are registered with the Sports Commissioner’s Office under the Sports Development Act (1997) and have the liberty to continue functioning.

"We accepted MTA with the condition they must have an open policy when it comes to the selection process where taekwondo exponents from other bodies, including MTF, MTCA and also ITF, should be given equal chance," said Azalina.

"MTA is recognised internationally (by WTF) to run the sport in the country, but that doesn’t mean we have to terminate the other bodies. It just doesn’t work that way.

"I don’t agree that only MTA members can represent the country and they must have a liberal system that everyone is given a fair chance to represent the country.

"The open system should involve trials where all the exponents, including the ones under the ITF system, are also given the opportunity.

"Taekwondo cannot be just one form. We must allow the other associations to run. MTF and MTCA have been registered under the Sports Development Act and are recognised bodies and they should continue their functioning.

"We hope that they can sit together and solve the matter."

Azalina hopes MTA will not suppress the efforts of the others to develop the sport, as this is one of the main reasons that led to the association’s de-registration in May, 2005.

Taekwondo has been given a chance, as Azalina said, to put itself on the right footing, and the sport should not let the chance go.


MALAYSIA: Clubs uneasy with MTA’s conditions


THE Malaysia Taekwondo Clubs Association (MTCA) wants the Malaysia Taekwondo Association (MTA) to review its request for clubs to join the national body based on its terms and conditions.

"We laud the decision of Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said to re-register the MTA but there are several issues which MTA president Ho Kham Phaw raised that need to be addressed and clarified.

"We also beg to differ with Kham Phaw’s statement that the MTCA is not a recognised body as we are registered with the Sports Commissioner’s Office under the Sports Development Act (1997).

"Our registration was approved by Tan Sri Elyas Omar on July 1, 2005 and our constitution states that the MTCA is the controlling body for all taekwondo clubs in Malaysia," said MTCA president Chee Hock Choong in a statement yesterday.

"While we may not be a member of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), we are legally registered in accordance with the laws of Malaysia."

The primary reason for the creation of the MTCA was to give taekwondo clubs an umbrella to shelter under following the deregistration of the MTA on May 6, 2005.

"While the initial members of MTCA were former associate members of MTA, our membership has been growing steadily and as the controlling body of taekwondo clubs in Malaysia, MTCA is now the legal body to develop taekwondo at the clubs level in the country," said Chee, adding that a thriving club structure, which taekwondo has, was also the vision of Azalina’s and that the MTCA is actually the first national level club association.

"However, I would like to stress that MTCA is ever willing to work with anybody to develop taekwondo in Malaysia but, again, I have to refute the MTA president’s statement that no conditions have been attached for clubs rejoining it.

Former associate members received a document from MTA inviting them to rejoin by July 31, 2007, which by itself is a condition as it was stated that failure to do so would be deemed that the associate members are not interested in rejoining MTA.

The document also came with 10 other conditions, among which was: "That an associate member’s privileges shall be decided by the MTA Council from time to time."

Given their fraught relationship previously, this condition, among several others, had made the MTCA and its affiliates uneasy, he said. — Bernama


MALAYSIA: MTA ‘open’ to all clubs now

By : Ajitpal Singh

THE Malaysia Taekwondo Association (MTA), has decided to accept all clubs as associate members with no conditions attached.

Those who decide to take up the offer have until July 31 to do so.

MTA president Ho Kam Phaw said these clubs will have one representation in the council.

"One vote is guaranteed for the clubs in the council and they are free to stand for elections," Kam Phaw told reporters after the joint-working committee meeting with the National Sports Council (NSC) in Bukit Jalil yesterday.

"We have sent out the invitation forms to our ex-associate members who are now either under the Malaysia Taekwondo Federation (MTF) or the Malaysia Taekwondo Clubs Association (MTCA) three years weeks ago, and we hope to get a favourable response from them soon.

"We hope all of them will accept the invitation as we need to concentrate on developing the sport."

It is learnt that only two clubs have responded to the invitation. However MTA is confident more clubs will join soon.

However, he stressed that those accepting the MTA's invitation will be representing themselves in the association and not MTF or MTCA.

"MTF and MTCA are not recognised bodies. We are the legal body for the sport in the country."

However MTF and MTCA are registered with the Sports Commissioner's Office under the Sports Development Act (1997) and it was stated earlier that all three would work together.

Kam Phaw also said exponents from all clubs are free to attend trials for international assignments, organised by MTA.

"Trials are open to all but if a particular exponent is selected, then the club he is representing must be affiliated with MTA.

"However, there are options for those selected to represent the country, such as joining a registered club or their respective state associations."

MTA will be organising a trial to pick 10 exponents for the Asian Junior Championships in Jordan on Aug 20-26 at the NSC on Sunday.

The trial is open to all clubs, regardless of their current affiliation.

MTA was deregistered by Sports Commissioner Tan Sri Elyas Omar in May, 2005 under the Sports Development Act. MTA pursued the matter in court but Sports Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said recently said the deregistration would be rescinded based on an appeal.

Azalina had said then that MTA's deregistration would be revoked if certain conditions are met. However, what the conditions are remain unknown.

Meanwhile, NSC director general Datuk Zolkples Embong said MTA will be responsible for all athletes' preparation for international assignments.

"We will be working with them in preparing athletes for the Beijing Olympic qualifiers and the Korat Sea Games (Dec 6-15)."

The Olympic Qualifiers will be held in Manchester, England (Aug 28-29) and Vietnam (Nov 28-29).

The exponents under the elite programme are Rusfredy Tokan Petrus, Mohd Afifuddin Omar Sidek, Ryan Chong, Che Chew Chan, Elaine Teo, Nurul Nadia Mahamat, Noordiana Norrizan and Noornadia Norrizan.


MALAYSIA: Elaine, Ryan aim to bring on the sunshine

NATIONAL taekwondo exponents Elaine Teoh and Ryan Chong hope to shine on the international stage after the Malaysian Taekwondo Association were given a new lease on life.

Elaine and Ryan fought their way to the gold medal in their respective flyweight categories at the Selangor International Championships at the Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam yesterday as if reinvigorated by MTA’s revival.

"I hope this is the end of their problems and that everything goes on smoothly from now. It hurts to miss the Asian Games last year because of MTA’s de-registration," said Elaine after defeating Selangor’s Nurul Asfahlina Mohd Johari in the final.

Elaine, 26, who won gold in the Hong Kong Open and silver in the Vietnam Open this year, is focused on getting through the Olympic qualifiers in Manchester later this year.

"Qualifying for the Beijing Olympics is my biggest goal this year but I would also like to regain the Sea Games gold I lost in Manila (in 2005)," said Elaine, who won Sea Games gold in 1999 in Brunei and 2001 in Kuala Lumpur.

Ryan, recently promoted to the senior national team from the juniors, is also bent on qualifying for the Olympics and Sea Games but will have to see off the challenge of his senior Rusfredy Tokan Petrus.

"Rusfredy and I both compete in the flyweight but I will train hard so that I can get a chance to compete in the qualifiers and the Sea Games," said Ryan, 19, who won silver in the Hong Kong Open.

Ryan recovered from an early deficit in the three-round final bout to beat Australia’s Taner Hikmet while two other national exponents - Mohd Afifudin Omar Sidek (men’s bantamweight) and Nurul Nadia Mahamat (women’s featherweight) - also won gold.

Malaysian Taekwondo Federation’s A. Logaraj won the men’s finweight title while Cemerlang’s Chen Hon Way dominated the first two rounds to cruise to a 5-0 win over Sri Lanka’s R.B.A.Bandara in the men’s lightweigh final.

Exponents from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Malaysian national team, and Selangor and local taekwondo clubs took part in the two-day meet which also saw action in the 10-13 and 14-17 age group categories.

Cemerlang Taekwondo Martial Arts (six), Gemilang Taekwondo Clun (five), Bangsar Taekwondo and Fitness Club (four) and Koryosa Taekwondo Club (four) were the big winners in the junior categories.

RESULTS - Open Men’s Fin: 1 A. Logaraj (MTF); 2 Muhd Haziq Hazwan Yusof (Cemerlang); 3 Fitri Yulianto (Ina), Wong Chi Hang (HK); Fly: 1 Ryan Chong (NSC); 2 Taner Hikmet (Aus); 3 Dana Kristianda (Ina), Sampath Alahakoon (SL); Bantam: 1 Mohd Afifudin (NSC); 2 Gerry Rangga Vega (Ina); 3 Chen Hon Kit (Cemerlang), Yap Woei Jiun (Sel); Feather: 1 Yeung Tsz Wing (HK); 2 Jeremy Attard (Aus); 3 SAD Dilruk (SL), Kieran Omeara (Aus); Light: 1 Chen Hon Way (Cemerlang); 2 RBA Bandara (SL); 3 Tham Yip Hon (MTF), Nizam Iskar (Gemilang); Welter: 1 Yap Juhn Yhee (TL); 2 Nicholas Nathan (Sel); 3 RMPR Rajapakse (SL); Tan Soon Keat (MTF); Middle: 1 GG Kumara (SL); 2 Samsan Kumara (SL); Cheong Yuen Wai (MTF), Friekey Jinlis (Gemilang); Heavy: 1 Lee Kee Tat (TL); 2 Kho Chin Han (MTF); P. Ganapathy Rao (Speed), Ravinder Singh (Cemerlang).

Women’s Fin: 1 Astrid Rizky Amelia (Ina); 2 Chen Mei Fung (Ina); 3 Nilanthi Kumari (SL), Niluka Kanthi (SL); Fly: 1 Elaine Teoh (NSC); 2 Nurul Asfahlina Johari (Sel); 3 Nurina Mustika Sundoro (Ina), Kam Bao Juan (Win Long); Bantam: 1 Jessica Jordan (Aus); 2 Denise Kok Mei Suet (Sel); 3 Agatha Lena Rivaldi (Ina), Sharifah Mariam Alawiyah (Sel); Feather: 1 Nurul Nadia Mahamat (NSC); 2 PMAG Sandamali (SL); 3 Crystal Naimith (Aus), Kristy Compton (Aus); Light: 1 Nur Aine Abu Bakar (Sel), 2 Kayla Chow (Can); 3 Fitriani Mansur (Ina), Brandi Strefel (Can); Welter: 1 Siti Rahmah Nasir (Gemilang); 2 Hue Seow Ching (MTF); Middle: 1 Emilia Shafinaz Faizal (NS Academy); 2 Shilpa Shimoga Gangadar (Ind); 3 Meilan Simamofa (Ina); Heavy: 1 Tiana Sylvia Collins (Can); 2 Nadea Deliza Soplantia (Ina); 3 Zatil Akmal (Viva), R. Vikneswary (Sel).

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